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Coconut has become a much loved product in our house! It is a great Dairy substitute as Coconut Milk & Cream and also a useful Flour, a Delicious Sugar Alternative as Coconut Sugar & Coconut Syrup and a lovely Oil to cook with.

I buy Coconut products from Honest to Goodness & The Coconut Shop

The Coconut from Honest to Goodness is Sulphur & Additive Free Organic Coconut. The bigger the bag you buy the cheaper it becomes. I get through mine but you could easily share with a friend or two.

I make Coconut Cream & Milk from my Organic Shredded Coconut in my Thermomix. Then place the left over Coconut into the Dehydrator to dry and once dried back into the Thermomix to make Coconut Flour. That way you are using all of the Coconut and not wasting any of the goodness.

Thermomix Coconut Cream & Milk

I like lots of Coconut Cream. So I use a higher Shredded Coconut to water ratio.
Using good quality Filtered Water
(I have a Pure Water Systems Filter)
Fill the Thermomix Bowl to the 1.5 litre mark.
Carefully add Shredded Coconut till the bowl is almost full and lid will still fit on.
Blitz for 10-15 seconds on Speed 10
Cook 15 minutes Heat 100 & Speed 4
Blitz for another 10-15 seconds on Speed 10

Place a muslin cloth over a Mesh Strainer and sit on top of a Medium Saucepan (1-2 litre)
(I use a unbleached muslin baby rug cut in half and doubled over to make a square)
Pour the Coconut mixture onto the Muslin and let cool a little

Coconut Cream & Milk separating
When it's cool enough for you to handle fold up sides of muslin bring together and wring to squeeze out the lovely coconut milk.
Pour the milk into a jug and let sit to separate.
Meanwhile process the coconut another two times...

Without rinsing the Bowl add Filtered water to the 1 litre mark
Add Coconut pulp back to the bowl
Cook 8-10 minutes Heat 100 Speed 4
Blitz 10-15 seconds on Speed 10
Repeat draining on squeezing process.

The milk will separate into a thick white creamy layer over top of a thinner Milk. I carefully ladle the Cream off the milk. You can use the two together depending on what you are making some things call for the thicker richer cream.

This will keep for a few days in the fridge. If you don't think you will use it all in time freeze some in BPA free ice cube or ice block trays. When frozen you can remove from trays and put into freezer bags to take up less room in your freezer.

Spread on Dehydrator Sheet ready to Dry
The Coconut Pulp that remains can be used straight away, kept in fridge to use in the next
day or so or freezer for a little longer storage. There are plenty of ways to use this coconut... make macaroons or toast to roll homemade Marshmallows in... the options are endless! You can also make Coconut Flour!

Coconut Flour

Using the Coconut Pulp that remains
Spread evenly onto Dehydrator Sheets.
The time it takes to Dry depends on your dehydrator and the heat settings you use. I just keep a close check on it making sure to break up any lumps so that it is completely dry.

While still warm from Dehydrator tip into a clean & dry Thermomix Bowl
Blitz on Speed 10 until it is a nice fine Coconut Flour about 30 seconds.

I keep my Coconut Flour in the Freezer.

Coconut Butter Thermomix Tutorial

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Information on Coconut and it's Health Benefits and Uses
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