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Lynnie & Brad

It's been a while in getting this Blog up and happening! That's the trouble with being an Artist... It has to be just the way I like it and that of course takes time : )

What to Blog about? Well I like change and being busy so am always up to something so I guess you will just have to wait and see!!

Here is a little bit of my story to begin with!

Mother's Day 2000
Camping at Seaforth
Teaching Art at MCC
My Four Girls wearing 'Beartique'
Mary Kay Convention 2000
 Creative Arts Class
Girls up the Tree at the Park
Ebonie wearing wig & headpiece

Hannah, Kacie, Ebonie, Teylah & Stephie

I do LOVE to draw!

I'm sure God gave me that gift as He knew I would need it! Since being diagnosed with Kidney Disease and Chronic Pain about 15 years ago my life has changed in many ways.

I was a very active Mumma of four beautiful little girls (they are still beautiful though no longer so little). I was very involved in Church and School and always had a house full of children. I taught Creative Arts classes with a cheeky bunch of sweet girls that I adored. I also had my own Children's clothing line called 'Beartique' so was always sewing and out and about showing my range of clothes to other lovely Mumma's and their georgeous little ones. Sewing Wedding Dresses for dear friends and an asortment of Wedding things including my very first Decorated Wedding Cake (all 5 tiers of it)! I was also a Mary Kay Consultant which was great fun with an amazing company. Cooking, Entertaining Friends, Camping at Seaforth & Gardening.

Life was great!

Then one day the pain came and never left! Kidney Disease they told me. Kidneys riddled with Calcifications in the tinyest of tubules up high in the kidneys. This is not normal! (But what is normal?) Those calcifications are called Nephrocalcinosis... sounds impressive hey! They cut their way through (ouch) and eventually make their way into the collective system of the kidney where they hopefully pass as a normal kidney stone would... that is painfully!

So they tell me I have enough to last a lifetime, oh joy! I figure you may as well see the funny side so tell my doctors that I am 'Permamently Stoned!' It seems most of us with Chronic Illness have a good sense of humour... helps you survive the tough days.

My life was forever changed! It took me a long time to accept that this was how it was going to be. It's not a joyous event to be told you will have pain till the day you go to be with Jesus. (Though the being with Jesus with a healthy 'body' will be beyond every expectation!) I grieved for my girls and the happy go lucky Mother that I had been, for my Husband and the active, capable, supportive wife I was, for my family and my friends and not being able to be there to help them or just be with them, and for myself as I didn't know how I would ever cope and didn't want to lose myself under all the medical ailments.

I am still that same person but sometimes its harder to see through the veil that chronic pain brings. 

2006 Cousins
Deb, Kim, Lynnie, Mark, Mum & Dad
It took a while to find the Medical Specialists that I needed and in doing so another change was coming! Much to my husbands dismay it was advised we move to Brisbane. My dear Mother and I were just a little excited at the thought of me being 'home' or at least closer to my family home where my parents still lived and not too far from my sister and her family and my brother and his wife. But that meant leaving Mackay and all our wonderful friends and the only 'home' my girls had known. It was a tough move for all of us.

A two week stay in the Pain clinic at the Royal Brisbane Hospital helped me to understand a little more what Chronic Pain was and things I could do to help me get through it. This is where the drawing really comes into play! I thank God every day for the gift of Drawing! There are things we can do to try to block the pain signals getting to the brain or just to distract ourselves from pain. I can absorb myself in drawing and be in a quiet place of worship with my Lord and this brings me much joy!

Mackay friends at the Harbour Park
Life is still Great, just different! My girls are all growing up. Only one year left of being a School Mum. Brad has gone from being a Cabinet Maker to a Carpenter and now a Building Supervisor. To our delight, Brad's parents are now close enough to visit regularly. I LOVE being closer to my family and have been super excited to welcome more nieces and nephews to the family and be closer to see them grow and enjoy the cousin's being together. Love it that Brad and I and our girls have been able to make special memories with my Mum & Dad and sister and brother and families. We miss my other sister and her family who are in America, such a long way away, but are thankful for facebook and being able to see the family grow and welcome new family members and even a new generation coming soon! Just a little excited to be a Great Auntie!

Auntie Betty & Nanna 2003
I am still passionate about Cooking, Entertaining Friends, Gardening, Camping & Sewing and have added a few quieter activities too! I have started up Crochet after many years. My beautiful Nanna taught me when I was 9 years old. She also taught me that it's never too late to start again!

Family History has become a new passion and I loved spending many hours with my Nanna listening (and secretly recording) her fascinating life stories. She is very much missed! I have added many names and stories to the family tree that is ever expanding and have also loved doing some digging for some special friends.

I always loved Photography and Art and have been able to enjoy a few Art courses and a renewed passion.

I thank God for the beautiful people who He has given us to call Family and Friends, that make the days brighter and fill our hearts with love and happiness!


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