Monday, December 17, 2012

Mock Fish

Growing up we always referred to 'Potato Hash Browns' as 'Mock Fish'.
Mum always said it was because in the war years they couldn't afford fish so they made 'mock fish'!
I still like to keep to the tradition of "Mock Fish'.

Owning a Thermomix has made this a lot quicker than the old way of grating the potatoes and invariably some of your knuckles as well!

My Recipe is Quick and Simple and great for my Multi Allergies!

I make in batches as it works better that way and you won't get the browning while it's waiting to go into the pan.

Mock Fish
3 Medium Dirty Potatoes (Golden Delight are good) Peeled & Cubed to about 2/3 cm pieces
1/4 cup of Grain, Nut & Legume Free Flour Mix
1 egg

Add the Potatoes into the Thermomix first followed by the flour & egg - seems to work beter that way! (If you want to make more do it in batches as if you try to do more potato at once the Thermomix will clog)

It's important to note that this takes seconds and not minutes so watch what you are doing.
I leave the MC (measuring cup) off the top so that you can see in.

Slowly turn dial up to 4-5 (No higher or it will turn to mush)
Watch through the lid and when it looks fairly even consistency turn off.

Under done is better than over done. You will get the hang of it in no time!

Heat a Frypan with a little Coconut oil to Medium Heat.
Spoon Potato into a hot pan and push into shape with a spatula.

Makes 4 nice sized Mock Fish.

Cook both sides till nice and golden turning over in between.

To make another batch just rinse the bowl under running water
being careful to not wet the bottom.

Eat with just salt, or coconut cream and sweet chilli or salsa or
whatever your allergies allow!

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