Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Pollen Food Allergy Syndrome

I had my follow up appointment with the Allergy Specialist. I find doctors so frustrating! Why can they not give you the information you are looking for!

After a long chat about allergy related issues (mostly his story and his grandmother's story) he says well there were three things that did come up on the Skin Prick Test (most did not react at all due to medication... as I was told after the test!)

Orange and Orange allergy can be because of a LTP Allergy. Other things in the list of LTP (Lipid Transfer Protein) are Kiwi, Peach/Plum/Nectarine/Apricot, Green Beans, Apple, Hazelnut, Tomato, Corn, Cherry & all types of Melon.

Ragweed Pollen with related allergies to Curcurbitaceae (cucumber, zucchini), all types of Melons & Bananas.

Dust mite allergy he didn't say much on.

Suggested staying off these foods for a week and then testing the ones that I am not sure of (as opposed to the ones I know I am allergic to being Orange, Kiwi, Green Beans, Apple & Corn)

Being the Researcher that I am. I came home and promptly spent hours on the computer researching LTP Allergy, Ragweed Allergy & Dust mite Allergy.

I find it interesting that in trying to discover the cause of my food related allergies I have said to the doctors I have been to that I am not so worried about the Hay Fever type allergies as them I can live with. Seems I was wrong and oddly they did not think to correct me! It is typical for Pollen type Allergies to Cross-React with Fruits and Vegetables sometimes referred to as Pollen Food Allergy Syndrome. This is well documented. There is also a specific although expensive blood test for these allergies - this I was not told either!

I have been reading many many Medical Papers from all around the world and info from many Allergy Specialists. I will try to give an over view of what I have read as well as providing links to articles should you like to read them yourself. I am sure there are many other frustrated allergy people out there whom this would relate to!

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  2. Thanks for sharing this information, Lynnie. It only shows how conscious you are with your health. Anyway, have you found something that could lessen your reaction to the allergens those food might have?

    Diane @AllergyArizona.net

    1. Hi Diane! Thanks for the encouragement : )
      I finally found a Allergy Specialist who didn't just laugh at me and tell me I was fine and had no serious allergies!
      I have been given a Nasal Spray that is still in Phase 3 testing in USA. It helps with the respiratory symptoms. Nothing has helped with food allergies but he did say to come back and that there may be other things to try. So time will tell I guess. In the mean time I struggle on. He also told me that it all stems from my Kidney Disease (as does everything it seems!) because my kidneys are so inflamed all the time my body is overwhelmed and seeing everything as a threat and therefore I am becoming Allergic to lots of things. I am very restricted on what I can eat and have to take my own food wherever I go. There's not much I can buy off the shelf so I make everything that way I know exactly what is in it. I still test foods when I'm feeling up to it and am mostly disappointed but you never know one day I may find something I can add back!