Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kisses (Grain & Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Legume & Soy Free)

My Mum was shy at school but loved taking kisses and asking the boys if they wanted a 'kiss' and then from behind her back offering them one of her 'kisses'!
I always found this story so funny imagining my sweet shy Mumma offering kisses to the boys!

Mum's Kisses are the best! She is a kiss producing expert making the sweetest little neat kisses. I have altered the recipe somewhat to make them so that I can still enjoy them... and I do especially when my Mumma makes them for me as a treat!


(Grain & Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Legume & Soy Free)

I made these today in the Thermomix but if you don't have one they are pretty easy with a bowl and wooden spoon or a Mixer.
250 grams of Pure Icing Sugar (if making without a Thermomix sift first to remove lumps)
300 grams Nuttelex (Dairy Free Butter substitute)
20 grams Coconut Oil
Mix on Speed 6 using Spatula to mix 20 seconds

480 grams Grain, Nut & Legume Free Flour Mix
180 grams Sulphur Free Potato Starch
Mix on speed 8 using Spatula 30 seconds

Using no more than a teaspoon of mixture roll a ball then press gently onto a lined tray. The old way is to use a floured fork to press grooves into the top of the biscuits or you can just use your hands and gently press to flatten slightly without splitting sides. 

Bake in oven at about 175-180 degrees for about 10-15 minutes or until just starting to go a light golden colour around the edges.
Let cool on tray then put onto a rack until they are all done and cooled.

In a clean dry Themomix bowl mix 300 grams of Pure Icing sugar (or make it in from white sugar in the thermomix) mix on speed 10 for a few seconds or so to get lumps out then add a little hot water through lid just a little at a time until its a nice spreading consistency to join the biscuits together. (You don't want it too thin or the biscuits will slide and it will run out).

I colour mine pink by using some fresh purple amaranth leaves from the garden, tearing them up a little and putting in a small microwave dish with just a little water and cooking for 1 minute. Press to help release colour. Then add some to Icing to make a pretty pink.

Sprinkle with a little Pure Icing sugar and then let sit a while to let the icing firm up a little. Store in a Airtight container.

   Share a Kiss with someone you love!

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