Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sweet Chilli Jam (Thermomix)

I love Sweet Chilli Jam!

My Chillies are growing nicely out in my garden so its Chilli Jam making time again!

As my Chillies ripen I keep them in the fridge until I have enough. This time I had enough to make two batches which filled 12 little Salsa Jars. That should keep us going for a bit but probably not too long as we all love it!

I wear latex free gloves when cutting up chillies. I am not too fond of the Capsaicin burn!

With your gloves on and using a paring knive cut or break stalks off ends and then slit down one side of the chilli and then pull out the seeds and the white pith. I react a bit to the capsaicin in the air so I cut them under running water and leave it running a little to lesson my sneezing and coughing! (of course if there are water restrictions you may need to alter this!)

If you would like to grow some of your own chillies, if you don't already, you can save the seeds then plant into your garden. They are super easy to grow and you can put them in amongst your flowers as well. I have some growing in my front garden with parsley and pineapple sage and pretty flowers!

The Thermomix is perfect for making Chilli Jam.

Sweet Chilli Jam

200-300 grams de-seeded Chillies (if you would like less heat you can swap some for Capsicums that are milder in intensity)
1 bottle of Verjuice 375mls (this is an alternative to vinegar)
1300 grams White sugar
200 grams Coconut or Rapadura Sugar

Weigh into Thermomix bowl 200-300 grams of Chillies and about half the bottle of Verjuice. Blitz on speed 10 for up to 20 seconds.

Weigh the sugars into the Thermomix bowl and replace lid. Cook on Varooma 10 minutes on Speed 3 with the rice basket on top of the lid to stop spitting. Reduce Heat to 100 degrees and cook for a further 10 minutes on Speed 3.

While the sauce is cooking prepare your jars. Make sure they are cleaned well and place on a tray in the oven to sterilize. The jars must be completely dry and still warm when the sauce is added. I take the jars out when the cooking still has a couple of minutes to go, then turn the oven off and put the lids into the hot oven on a tray until they are needed. Be very careful when handling hot jars and liquid!

Scoop off any froth off the top and discard. Pour immediately into clean warm jars and put lids on making sure the bottles are correctly sealed. Turn jars upside down for about 2 minutes, then invert and leave to cool. You should hear the lids pop as they cool which is a good sign that they are sealed well. If they don't pop you may need to make sure the lid is tight then microwave for a minute and let cool again. If it still doesn't pop use that jar first keeping it in the fridge.

The sauce will keep for up to 12 months in a cool dark place and once opened for about 6 weeks in the refrigerator.

Warning... this sauce is addictive! We eat it with lots of things its a great dipping sauce for Wedges and yum with Mock Fish!


  1. Hey Lynnie,
    just found you through pinterest :-)
    I have a Thermomix, too & love your recipes!
    For sure I´ll try some things!
    Greetings from Hamburg, Germany

  2. Hello Pami!
    Love Pinterest and my Thermomix... great inventions
    Thanks for saying Hi
    Would love to hear how you go with my recipes