Monday, May 13, 2013

Driveway Art

I LOVE Gerni's!

When I was growing up on the farm one of the jobs I loved to do was to hose out after the milking! If you are not a Country kid like me this may sound a little gross but I loved using the high pressure hose and hosing out all the cow poo. It was more to do with the negative ions from the water flow and making something lovely and clean after all that mess than it was to do with the cow poo but it was a necessary activity and one I enjoyed.

I found it relaxing and an escape into my own little world, the noise blocking out all other external happenings. These days since I no longer have the privilege of a Dairy Farm to play about, a Gerni has become my new found friend!

There is something to be said about the effect of Negative Ions. You would think Positive Ions were the ones with a Positive effect but in truth the Negative ions are proven to increase serotonin levels which makes you feel happier, relieves stress and increases energy levels throughout the day.

Negative ions are abundant when there is falling water. Being near any flowing or falling water will have a positive effect. What flowing water does is split positive or neutral ions and create negative ions. Think about how being at the beach with the waves crashing in makes you feel good or being near a waterfall in the mountains or taking a shower. Next time you are there you will know why that is.

There are other great benefits too. Negative ions help eliminate dust, spores, pollens and other allergens floating in the air. Household appliances like computers, TV's, microwave ovens and refrigerators, emit positive ions. While outdoors, whenever warm, dry wind blows or when there is pollution, there’s an abundance of positive ions. Maybe a Water fountain is a good idea for us all!

Back to the Driveway Art!

A couple of years ago I did a Welcome Home artwork on my parents driveway after they had been on a trip to America to visit with my sister and her family. My intention was to finish the cleaning process with the Gerni a couple of days after they came home but they loved it so much they wanted to keep it. Of course I was more than happy to let it stay!

Then I did another when some dear friends were returning after a couple of years away. And once their tenants moved out I moved in with my Gerni! They had a great big long driveway so plenty of room to play! I think the neighbours thought I was a little mad but I had fun!

I'm always keen to play with Art. It can take whatever shape or form that you can imagine. I have even done a little dust artwork on my husbands work ute!

The first Artwork on Mum & Dad's driveway faded over time creating a new clean or should I say dirty slate so that I could once again get busy creating. Mother's Day and my Dad's birthday are only a couple of weeks apart and since both my parents haven't been able to do much garden work with health issues I organized a family working bee. It was a great afternoon with all the family working hard in the garden. Amazing what some cardboard boxes, mulch and pruning can do! I also had some fun before everyone else arrived creating a new driveway artwork. I did offer to just clean it but Mum wanted it pretty! Thanks Mum!

With a little imagination anything is possible!


  1. Love that driveway art!
    My friends are over seas at the moment and I was wanting to do something cool for them when they return. You have given me inspiration... any tips? wanna come work your magic some time next week?

    1. Sure Dee! Always love an opportunity to play on a driveway! Give me a call!

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